The Clarke-Bradbury International Science Fiction Competition for 2005


The Space Elevator Reference

Site serves as a reference tool for those interested in exchanging ideas on the scientific, engineering, economic and policy challenges inherent in constructing the solar systemís first space elevator.

Wikipedia: Space Elevator

Overview, history, key technologies of space elevators.

Institute for Scientific Research

Overview of the concept of the space elevator plus FAQ.

Space Elevator News

Covers the emerging reality of space elevators and the possibilities they enable. Site intends to grow into a central location for news, events, articles, essays, concepts and discussion.

3rd Space Elevator Conference

Provides presents at 3rd SE conference in June 2004 in Washington.

Science Fiction Weekly

Online review interested with all domains connected to Science Fiction (books critics, movies, video games, conventions, so on).

Mirrorshades Archive

Ever wonder where the authors of science fiction get their ideas?

SF Site

This website is presenting a mixture of book reviews, author interviews, ... and a list of links to author and fan tribute sites, SF conventions, SF TV and movies, magazines and e-zines.

Themes/Genres in Science Fiction

This list has been constructed over time based on a list and categories originally constructed by the late Professor Ted Michelfeld and owing debts to a number of other sources including The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

Feminist SF & Fantasy Sites

Most of these resources are featured in other pages of this site. They are gathered together here, because their primary focus in on Feminist Science Fiction or Fantasy, or SF and Fantasy by women writers.

University of Michigan

University of Michigan Fantasy and Science Fiction Home Pages. These pages are dedicated to assisting scholars of all types all over the world.

Weird Science Portal



News, communities, reviews.

Speculative Vision

Science Fiction and Fantasy Brought Into Focus: art gallery, interactive Sci-fi and Fantasy stories, forums, Scifi search engine, writing resources...

Arthur Clarke

Ray Bradbury

Isaac Asimov

Jules Verne

Gerarld O'Neil and Space Studies Institute

Some futuristic concepts

Winning papers from the 'Extreme Space' Competition

Science Fiction Books